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Behavior Therapy

There may come a time in your child's life when you feel that he or she would benefit from a behavior assessment and possible therapy. Your Regional Center Service Coordinator can help you with an assessment to determine if your child qualifies for funding for this type of therapy.

At times, the Regional Center offers group therapy classes and also provides funding for in home therapy with one of their approved vendors. Your Service Coordinator can help you determine which setting would be best for you and your loved one with Down Syndrome.

What is Behavior Therapy?
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) or therapy is the application of the science of behavior. The science and its practice have been around for many decades and has its roots in basic, laboratory research. Behavior analysts are the individuals that practice ABA.

ABA focuses on analyzing behavior in terms of the context that it occurs. That is, behavior analysts are equally interested in the environment where behavior occurs as they are with the behavior itself. When analyzing behavior, behavior analysts frequently look at antecedents to the behavior and consequences of the behavior.

For more information on Behavior Therapy Resources, contact your Regional Center Service Coordinator. You can also visit the Leafwing Center (formerly CA Institute of Behavior Analysis, Inc.) - A California Association of Regional Centers vendor.




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