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DSAOC’s $10 Challenge: Donate Today

“Great things can be accomplished if we all join together and give a little.”

For around the cost of lunch and a beverage, you can show your support for DSAOC’s Health Care Education & Outreach program, which includes funding support for the CHOC Children’s Down Syndrome program.

We are asking our families and Facebook Fans to donate $10 to DSAOC today to show that great things can be accomplished if we all join together and give a little.

Donate today to show that this is important to you.

Join our supporters who have already taken on this challenge and made their donation:   Henry and Debby Beglinger, David Etnire, John Bustrum, Yolanda Gomez, Pallavi Dave and Donna Eampietro.  Thank you!

DSAOC’s Health Care Education & Outreach program consists of: Hospital Outreach: Our Hospital Outreach program provides materials and support to hospital social workers, genetic counselors and OB/GYNs to educate them on the potential of people with Down syndrome and to help them more comfortably and accurately deliver a diagnosis.  Healthcare Series Seminars:  DSAOC provides health care education seminars presented by medical professionals on a variety of topics related to health care for individuals with Down syndrome. The seminars are recorded and offered to a wider audience of parents and professionals through a video podcast library on our website.  CHOC Children’s Down Syndrome Program: DSAOC formed an alliance with CHOC Children’s in 2009 to create the CHOC Children’s Down Syndrome Program, a pediatric clinic serving 240 children with Down syndrome per year.  This program is a community-based clinic bridging services and clinical specialists in Down syndrome to help ensure that health care needs are being met.

Your donation will support DSAOC’s team at the upcoming PCRF Marathon, which directly supports the Health Care Education & Outreach program.  You can also participate on the DSAOC team by visiting the registration page.

If you have questions, please contact Kellie Perez at kperez@dsaoc.org or call the DSAOC Center at (714) 540-5794. 

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