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Happy World Down Syndrome Day from DSAOC!

Throughout the day today, DSAOC will post pictures and words to our Blog and Facebook from our families regarding their loved ones with Down syndrome.  Thank you to all who submitted and shared your children with us in celebration of this special day.

Isabelle Morris:  This is Isabelle, ” Izzy “, our little Princess. She’s now 4 years old turning 5 in August. My husband and I knew all the while that we were having a baby with Down syndrome but we never thought of not proceeding with the pregnancy. We both had fear, but with God’s grace and the support of family and friends, we were able to provide her the best of everything she deserves.  She started doing physical therapy at 2 months and 1 hour of PT once a week.  Since she’s only getting 1 hour of free service from RCOC, we have been doing exercise with her seven days a week.  She started walking at 13 months, and started talking at 2 years old.  She’s currently getting speech therapy at her school and she’s been doing well everyday.  She loves to sing and dance and is also quite the actress, as she speaks and acts out the lines of her favorite shows.  My husband tells everyone that the best part of his day is when he gets home and Izzy runs to him to give him a hug. When asked if we would change anything about her, would we? Our answer is and has always been, “No.” She has Down syndrome, but that has made her the person that we know and love so much. There is nothing that we would change because we would be so afraid to lose the person that is growing up in front of our eyes. We are so proud of her achievements and very proud to be her parents.

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