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Happy World Down Syndrome Day from DSAOC!

Ayden Sells:  When some people look at Ayden, they see a child with Down syndrome.  When I look at Ayden, I see how he has helped me realize that there is more to life than intelligence, beauty, money and perfection.  He has also taught me that our life together has been less about me helping him reach his potential, but rather about him helping me reach mine.




Daniele Lichtenwalter:  Daniele lives lightheartedly, she loves wholeheartedly, and she laughs from the depths of her heart! Daniele may have been given one extra chromosome, but that extra chromosome is full of Love!  Daniele has truly been a blessing from above and is a great sister!  If many years from now her friends and family can say the world is a better place because Daniele was here, then she will have succeeded where many  “gifted individuals” have failed!  Sometimes we think that Daniele’s mission in life is to fill those around her with affection, love & joy!

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