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Paul Freeman and Emma-Jane Bustrum

Paul Freeman:  Paulie’s picture says it all.  It says “Let’s celebrate life!”.  Paul has survived some serious (life threatening) complications from open heart surgeries (Tetrology of Fallot) and immune deficiency.  If you were to ask Paul (and he could answer), he would tell you his first residence during his 1st year and a half was the 6th floor CVICU at CHOC Children’s in Orange.  Indeed, the attached picture shows us how strong he is, and how happy he is to be here.  Paul has taught us all to slow down, have faith and enjoy each day. For every twist and turn life brings us, something beautiful emerges out the other end of the journey.  Paul has 2 siblings (age 9 and 6) who adore him and celebrate every milestone he is just now, at age 3, finally experiencing.  And yes….he has also given us the gift of gratitude. 

Emma-Jane Bustrum:  Emma-Jane is too precious, and the love of our life!!!  She keeps us smiling and on our toes all the time.  Here is a picture of her in her flower girl dress.  She is going to be in a wedding in May.  She is such a ham and we love her with all our heart.

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