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DSAOC’s Hospital Outreach Committee – Volunteers Making a Difference

Research has shown that little progress has been made in the quality of a physicians’ delivery of a diagnoses of Down syndrome.  All too often, inaccurate information is being provided to expectant or new parents.  Typically, only the challenges of raising a child with Down syndrome are presented, and the positive aspects of how people with Down syndrome can live full lives and moreover enrich our lives and communities are not given.

Left to Right (Back Row) Sandra McElwee (Committee Chairperson), Steven Hill, Danielle Trombino, Amy Braun (Front Row) Judi Gollette, Mercedes Wagner, Lisa Zemenak, Carol Magarino (Not pictured areLori Cassady, Lisa Lilienthal, Nicole Hwozdek, Cathy Tiquia and Jesse Powell)


Our Hospital Outreach Volunteer Committee visits hospitals throughout greater Orange County, providing materials and support to hospital staff and social workers, to the offices of genetic counselors, and OB/GYNs, educating them on the potential of people with Down syndrome and assisting them with resources so that they can more comfortably and accurately deliver a diagnosis.  This information also provides a line to help and information after the news is given. 

The volunteer work performed by this important committee positively impacts so very many people; from the social workers and families to the professionals who are delivering the diagnosis. 

To our volunteers:  Your efforts are recognized, and DSAOC appreciates you!

If you are interested in being part of this volunteer committee, please contact Kellie Perez at kperez@dsaoc.org.

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