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Stories from the Hearts of our Families

DSAOC is very happy to share a story from one of our families about their son’s wonderful experience as he recently visited educators from his early childhood.

These educators obviously had a positive impact on Ben.  And it looks like Ben had an even more positive impact on them.

“Ben’s Visit to his Elementary School”

Ben Golden, now a Senior at Mission Viejo High School, had a free afternoon and wanted to return to his Elementary School to visit his teachers.
His First Grade teacher, Mrs. Simi, still teaches first grade.  She invited him to read a story to the class.  She had found a photo of herself with Ben from first grade, and had it on the overhead projector when Ben arrived.
Then, in came his former Instructional Assistant, Miss Robin, and also another teacher, Mrs. Hammond, who fondly remembered Ben.
After school, Ben visited his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Giguere, who now teaches 6th grade.
WOW!  What an afternoon!  It was such a confidence booster for Ben, and a wonderful memory for all to share.
By:  Kristi, Ben’s mom

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