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Stories from our families in honor of WDSD 2012

Meet Sydney…

When Sydney was born 29 years ago we had the good fortune of meeting, that very day, a local pediatrician, the late Victor Ince, MD.  Victor rejoiced with us as parents of our brand new child, a beautiful daughter who also happened to have Down syndrome.  From that moment forward it was never about what our precious daughter wouldn’t be able to do, but rather about what she might one day accomplish.  We pay tribute to Victor Ince, MD as we celebrate this 2012 World Down syndrome Day.
They say a picture is worth 1000 words and so I have included a few pictures of Sydney, today, and some of the memorable occasions that have happened during the past few months. Sydney is employed by Ralph’s supermarket in Mission Viejo, CA; she is a courtesy clerk and she loves her job and the people she works for and with, very much.
She rounds her week out with church & community activities.  She volunteers at the South County Outreach on afternoons and fullfils her calling in the LDS temple and in the ward church nursery, weekly, as well.
Earlier this month she skied in the DEMO run for Park City, Utah’s National Ability Center, during the NAC Halti ski challenge, and enjoyed meeting some of the best “challenged” skiers in the country.
Also in late FEB Sydney enjoyed attending the DSAOC Red Carpet Ball with a special friend, David.  This event is the highlight of the year for many Orange County (and beyond) teens and adults with Down syndrome.
She loves the thera-drama class she is taking at the DSAOC Center on Tuesday nights, and has the opportunity to take a nutrician & fitness class on Thursday evenings at DSAOC as well. Sydney enjoys a well rounded lifestyle in the community and beyond!
AND we believe our dear friend, Victor Ince, MD would be proud!!!

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