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“The Happiest Life”

Hugh Hewitt's the Happiest LifeMany within our group have been fans of Hugh Hewitt for some time – You may know him as a well known author and commentator on matters of politics and religion, but not so well known is the very good and generous person that he is – a person who has been an amazing friend to the disabled community over many years, and to veterans, among many other causes that are not political.

His new book “The Happiest Life” is a profound and practical personal philosophy that could only have been written by a man who is as gifted as Hugh is, who has also passed through life’s stages (i.e., is over 50, having raised a family), and who has had an extensive dialog on the topic of Happiness over many professional years (most notably with Dennis Prager).

Just about anyone heading into serious adulthood or later will take many things away from this book about how to live your life.  Most importantly, the content will particularly resonate with families that contain or interact with those who have disabilities.  We heartily recommend the book.



View the book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1595555781?tag=hhewitt-20


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