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Meeting a Need: Housing Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Advocates for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (AADD) is championing a simple but clear plan for the future: sustainable and inclusive residential communities in which people with developmental disabilities can live safe, productive and independent lives. Working with civic, business and government leaders, AADD is pursuing construction of housing to meet this growing need.

AADD’s hope is to provide a plan and vision for Orange County so that public housing agencies and service providers will join with them as they forge partnerships to work toward a common goal: to provide appropriate housing and services for this deserving population.

Want to get involved? E-mail Advocates for Adults with Developmental Disabilities at aadd.housing@yahoo.com.

More About Advocates for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
In 1995, a handful of parents in Irvine first met around a dining room table to discuss the eventuality of what would become of their children with developmental disabilities when they were no longer able to care for them. It was their desire to provide a plan that could serve more than just their own children, and that could be used as a model to serve other communities nationwide. The core group has grown with other interested parents and parties. To help push the agenda forward, AADD recently partnered with Community Housing Resources Inc. (CHRI), a non-profit agency, dedicated to providing housing opportunities to people with disabilities.

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