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Watch ABC’s “What Would You Do?” Tonight!

Video footage from NDSC’s “We’re More Alike Than Different” campaign will be included in tonight’s edition of ABC’s “20/20: What Would You Do?” at 10 PM ET/9 PM CT. 

The segment will use an actor with Down syndrome to portray a grocery store bagger who is berated by a customer (another actor). The question posed by the television show is, what will other shoppers do? Hidden cameras reveal the answer and speak to the need for us all to advocate for workers with disabilities. In a clip from the NDSC video, self advocates Christi Hockel and Mark Hublar are shown at their respective real-life jobs at Safeway and Wal Mart, demonstrating that employees with Down syndrome are more like their colleagues than they are different.

Ask your friends and neighbors to watch tonight’s show and then ask them, “what would you do?” You might discover that you have a wonderful opportunity to educate and advocate!


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