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Classes, Seminars & Activities

Classes & Seminars
DSAOC offers classes and educational seminars on a variety of topics, most of which are free for families and/or professionals to attend.

Some of our more popular classes focus on music, movement and language development. Classes are typically offered for a range of ages and may take place at the DSAOC Center or another local location.

Our most common seminar topics are regarding IEP workshops, Special Needs Trusts, Conservatorship and Healthcare.

What are Special Needs Trusts?
A special needs trust- sometimes called a "supplemental needs trust" makes it possible to appoint a trustee to hold property for the benefit of your child with a disability after you're gone. A special needs trust provides for the needs of your loved one with a disability without disqualifying him or her from benefits received from government programs such as Social Security and Medicaid.

What is Conservatorship?
A conservatorship is the right given to a person for the purpose of managing the property and finances of a person who is unable to do so. This process, also known as adult guardianship, is a legal process by which someone is appointed by a Court to be the person primarily responsible for making financial and medical decisions on behalf of another. The appointed person (conservator) takes care of the needs of the person that is unable to do so (conservatee).

For resources on IEP workshops, Special Needs Trusts, Conservatorship and Healthcare, please contact the DSAOC Center at 714.540.5794.

DSAOC has many social activities through out the year.

Family events include:

Teen and Adult Events: DSAOC works with parents to plan regular Teen Club (12 to 17 yrs of age) and Adult (18 yrs+) events. Events are either held at the DSAOC Center or at locations in the community.

One of the most popular DSAOC events for teens and adults with Down syndrome and their friends (participants must be 15 yrs +) is the annual Red Carpet Ball - a formal dinner and dance that takes place at a local hotel.

View photos from the 2011 Red Carpet Ball

View photos from the 2008 Red Carpet Ball

View photos from the 2007 Red Carpet Ball

Information on classes, educational seminars and activities can be found via our monthly Fridge Post (mailed to families who have loved one's with Down syndrome), our website calendar or announced through email alerts.

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